Kata Tjuta

Northern Territory

Pronounced “kata juta” this rock formation is the second main event in the national park.

Kata Tjuta takes up a bigger area, but as it is not one enormous rock, it is not as popular.  There are two walks through the rocks speckled over the landscape.

First up was the more challenging Valley of the Winds walk.  Getting up to the first stopping point, the Karu Lookout wasn’t hard at all (the same grade as the Uluru Base Walk).

However, the next segment was marked as only one grade higher (but felt like more).  No longer was there a clear marked path, but spray painted arrows over rocks heading down a steep hill.  I felt a bit like a billy goat leaping from rock to rock.

The views, especially after scrambling up a tall, sheer-ish rock face, were magnificent.  The land all around for kilometres and kilometres is completely flat and these rocks (plus Uluru!) are the only thing rising out of the landscape.  Simply incredible.

Kata Tjuta, especially the second half of this walk, has more health warnings than Uluru as the walks are more stoney, rugged, and isolated.


Walpa Gorge walk is easier, and a bit of a respite after the morning at the Valley of the Winds.  But just like all of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, it’s beautiful.

This trail travels right between two long thin rocks separated by erosion.  It had the most standing water and greenery seen in the Outback because of the water concentrated into a small area by the gorge.

Kata Tjuta, like Uluru, is best seen from a bit of a distance to capture the scope and shape of the rock formations.

Uluru can be seen on the horizon from Kata Tjuta looking over the outback scrub land and unusual (read: not as water dependant) plant life.

To me, Uluru is one of the great wonders of the natural world and Kata Tjuta just adds to the amazement.  This outback adventure was spectacular.



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