Eleanor River

South Australia

The main reason we went to Kangaroo Island at all is that there is an Eleanor River there.  Once we did some more research, we found out that it has tons of attractions and is a fantastic place to visit, but the river was the catalyst.

When I was little we would often drive over the Elizabeth River in VA.  My sister’s name is Elizabeth and I was upset that she had a river and I didn’t.  My parents promised me that they would one day take me to the Eleanor River.  I looked it up and found ou there were only 2 Eleanor Rivers in the entire world: one on Kangaroo Island and one way up north in Canada.  Little did we know that 10 years later we would be living in Australia and have the opportunity to visit Kangaroo Island and the Eleanor River.

We went for my 18th birthday, which made it even more special.

The river runs from the centre of the island down to Vivonne Bay.  The main south coast road on KI crosses it and that is where I found the signs for it and could access it from the side of the road behind the guardrails.

The other place I had access to the river was on the property of our cabin, the Eleanor River Homestead as it is aptly named.  We bushwalked down an overgrown path to get to the tiny river.  However, at least here there was some water flowing in the river…  further down where I had been before, it was simply a meadow in the riverbed.

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