Healesville Sanctuary

The Sights

About an hour outside Melbourne, this zoo specializes only in Australian animals.  That’s perfect for tourists like us who cannot get enough of the native wildlife.  As well as the classic kangaroos and koalas, Healesville has some more unique Australian animals that we hadn’t seen at any other zoo.

The zoo is located in a natural bush environment and then has various habitats for the animals.  Just the nature of the zoo is beautiful.

Kangaroos–an old standby, there was a mom with a joey, which is always adorable

Koalas–these were some of the more active koalas we’ve seen, climbing up and down their trees

Wombats–we got to see this wombat’s daily feeding with corn+pumpkin (her favourite treats)

Dingos–the dingos were somewhat elusive and wary hiding behind some rocks

Long-neck turtles–I’d never seen anything like this before


Emus–in this more natural environment, it was easy to see how emus can camouflage into the trees and shadows

Australian pelicans–seriously huge pelicans that just waddled up to you


Wallabies/Rock wallabies–the wallabies continued eating even though we were there (even a joey leaning out of its mother’s pouch!), while the rock wallabies were definitely more shy

Goannas–an animal we hadn’t seen before (but had heard about on the news attacking someone), a huge lizard that moves remarkably fast


Cassowaries–another new one, it was hard to get a look at because of the high fence protecting us from the flightless bird known to attack with its claws

Tasmanian devils–a favourite of mine, this one was eating a deer head (yum!)

Echidnas–last but not least my favourite Australian animal, only 1 out of 2 monotremes (the other being the platypus), it looks like a tiny hedgehog/anteater, adorable yet spiky


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