New Zealand Gondolas

New Zealand

Both of the New Zealand cities we went to had gondolas that were major attractions.  I mean, when you have mountains and breathtaking views from the top, why not have a gondola?


Farther out from the CBD, the Christchurch gondola was on a mountain on the edge of a range.  On almost all sides of the view, were plains, with other mountains further in the distance.  In true New Zealand fashion, sheep were up on the mountain, munching away on the grass.

There was also a ride that told the history of Canterbury, the region surrounding Christchurch, up on top of the mountain–a good introduction to New Zealand and the area.


Here it was a much different landscape, focused in blues.

Lake Wakatipu, the town of Queenstown, and the Remarkables (mountains that were remarkable!) featured in the views from the top of the gondola.  It really showed how Queenstown has its own little protected beach and bay, which makes it an even more popular tourist destination.

On top of the mountain, we could look down and see other people bungy swinging from little huts installed on the cliff face directly underneath the gondola.

As well as the gorgeous views this gondola afforded, it also had the bonus of luging on top of the mountain–super fun!


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