MORE Meals in Melbourne

The Cuisine

Here are some MORE snapshots of delicious Australian food.

Jack Greene-Pulled Pork Burger


Greek Lamb Burger


Wallaby Burger

Yep, wallaby.  It tastes a bit gamey but also kinda just like beef.  Really not half bad.


Honey Badger Dessert Cafe-Black Panookie

A cookie baked in a pan=a panookie.  This cafe’s most popular dish is this one, and specifically, this flavor–chocolate.  A rich, fudge-y chocolate cookie with chocolate chips is topped with toasted marshmallow, a hearty scoop of chocolate ice cream, toasted graham cracker crumbs, almond slivers, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.  S’mores in its best form.


Machine Laundry Cafe-Latteimg_4673

Chai Tea

In cafe’s here, tea is always served with an individually steeped pot and lots of miniature accessories and additions.  This was my first time ordering chai and it came with frothed milk (it’s the little things!).


Eggs Benedict

Supposedly the best eggs Benedict in Tasmania… they lived up to their name.


French Toast

With cinnamon, macadamia nuts, a caramel bavarois, and an orange glaze–mmmm.


Toast, Eggs, and Bacon 


Lucky Ducks Cafe-Lasagna

I got the last serve of the night, so the piece was extra large.  It was also extra delicious.


Seafood Stew

Being on an island, Tasmania, we had to try the seafood.  This stew had it all in one: prawns, mussels, clams, fish, etc.


Fish and Chips

A classic found in almost any restaurant.


Chocolate Caramel Cake


Melbourne Bakehouse-Chocolate Mousse Cake

To celebrate on my mom’s birthday, November 7th, we picked up a small cake from the local bakery.  It was chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate mousse and a layer of caramel in the midst covered in chocolate frosted and coated with chocolate shavings.  Only one word can describe this cake: decadent.


For even more decadence, we had dollop cream on the side.  It’s halfway between whipped cream and butter.fullsizeoutput_d65

The Exchange Hotel-Chicken and Mustard Pie


Chicken Parm

Chicken parm is everywhere!  Apparently, this is one of the best in Melbourne, so I had to find out for myself.  I got the “regular” sized one which is enormous (the petite is half this size).  However, it was amazing and surely lived up to the claim.



Another food that is ubiquitous, especially at pubs/bars.  Also, side note, but I’ll eat anything served in a miniature version of the cooking implement (i.e. these chips).



Moroccan Lamb Burger


Crispy Bacon and Cheese Burger


Caesar’s Palace Burger

A chicken caesar salad on a bun! With rosemary-coated chips. Yum!



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