Other Sights: Lavender Farm and Remarkable Cave


Tasmania is known for its lavender.  It was in gift shops all over the state.  We visited one of the lavender farms out on the Tasman Peninsula.

The peak lavender blooming season is in November and we were there in late October, so only a few plants were blooming.  You could see how the fields would be amazing when there were all bloomed.

The cafe and shop connected had all kinds of amazing lavender treats and products–including the ice cream cones we got.

Just like in all of Tasmania, the views from the porch were incredible.

Remarkable Cave, aptly named, is another geological formation on the peninsula.  What used to be a cave is now more of a tunnel as the back wall of the cave collapsed.

If you look through the opening out to sea, the shape of Tasmania appears–remarkable!

Just above the Remarkable Cave, accessed by the same carpark, is the Maingnon Bay lookout.  Gorgeous coastal views out over the Southern Ocean are the main attraction here.  The jagged Cape Raoul (see right hand pictures, top and bottom) is the southernmost tip of the Tasman Peninsula and the entrance into the bay from the ocean.


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