Hobart (Salamanca Area)


Hobart is a waterfront city.  It’s docks have been gentrified and many of them turned into restaurants, etc; however, many kinds of ships (including cruise ships) still use the harbor.

Tasmania also prides itself on being Australia’s gateway to Antartica.  There was even an Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies building connected to the university there.

Salamanca Place, which hosts the Salamanca Market on Saturdays, is home to rows of sandstone buildings which used to be warehouses for Hobart’s port.  They have since been converted to stores, restaurants, bars, and galleries.  On a Saturday night, Salamanca place is hopping!

Salamanca Square is hidden between these rows.  It is simply an outdoor space for people to enjoy which is surrounded by shops and restaurants.

Since Hobart is the capital of the state, it houses the Parliament for Tasmania.  The Parliament is right near the waterfront; the building is made of the same famous sandstone that is popular in Hobart.  Just like the whole state, Parliament is kind of unassuming–no grand entrance, etc.




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