Mount Wellington


Driving out of the airport, through the Tasmanian countryside toward Hobart, and starting the steep drive up towards the top of Mount Wellington was full of beautiful scenery.

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, is the biggest and most populated city in Tasmania.  All those people spread out, so the suburbs go on and on before the CBD is reached.  The greater Hobart region houses about half of the entire population of Tasmania.

Also, in no other Australian state would you see a road sign cautioning ice.  Tasmania is one of a kind.

The environment on Mount Wellington is a tundra–lots of scrubby trees and bushes in the midst of the rocky landscape.

The pinnacle afforded amazing views over the entire city of Hobart and much of the surrounding area.  Walkways weaved through otherwise treacherous rocks for people to look out in all directions.  The observation shelter was a nice respite from the wind and had lots of information about what we were looking out over and various people who had climbed Mount Wellington, including Darwin.


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