Journey to Tassie


For our first foray by airplane, we went to Tasmania for a long weekend.  The first Tuesday in November is the Melbourne Cup (the country’s most important horse race) which is a national holiday.  Most people take Monday of as well and make a short holiday of it.  Australia has many domestic airlines and flights, as that is the best way to travel the long distances here.  The flight from Melbourne to Hobart is only 1 hour.

Leaving the Australian coast and arriving at the Tasmanian coast a few minutes later.

Not only are the customs rules strict when traveling into Australia, they are strict when traveling interstate.  Fresh fruit/vegetables, meat, and plant matter are forbidden entry.  There was a dog sniffing us all as we walked into the airport.  Then, it proceeded to hop onto the luggage carousel at the bag claim and walk along the conveyor belt over and through all the bags continuing to sniff.  I’m not exactly sure the specific thing it was trained to sniff, but it didn’t seem to find anything out of place.

The benches in the airport were huge logs cut in half, which seemed kind of a strange choice.  However, we later found out that this wood is Huon Pine, which is famous in Tasmania.  It doesn’t rot and has a pleasant pine-y scent.


Even the Tasmanian license plate features their claim to fame–the Tasmanian Devil.



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