Shopping in Chadstone

The City, The Sights

Only 25 minutes away from the CBD, Chadstone is the largest shopping mall in Australia and the Southern hemisphere.

It boasts hundreds of stores in millions of square feet and has just gotten a renovation.

The stores in Chadstone are eclectic, ranging from Chanel and Tiffany to Kmart and Target as well as anything in between.  Both of Australia’s major department stores, David Jones and Myer, are in the mall, too.  As would be expected there were multiple Ugg sellers in both stores and kiosks.

Food was also a huge component of the mall.  There were 2 indoor food courts and a lane of restaurants which could be accessed from outside.  Also, the mall houses all 3 major grocery stores (Coles, Woolies, and Aldi) and some smaller markets too.

It is currently the middle of the Spring Racing Carnival and stores are catering towards that.  Racing attire for women includes some type of hat, but usually a fascinator.  A lot of the races also have fashion events or competitions, so fashion is almost as important as the horses.


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