A Stroll Through St. Kilda

The City, The Sights

Just a couple km south east of the CBD lies the groovy suburb of St. Kilda. Known for its nightlife and beaches, it is one of the more touristy suburbs around.

However, it wasn’t too crowded on one of the first nice spring days here in Melbourne.

Dotted with high rises in the midst of palm-tree-lined parks, it is a mix of the city and beach lives.


With one of the largest, and most popular, beaches, St. Kilda has the summer infrastructure to suit all the people.  This includes marinas, a boat launch, and a long pier.


Out at the end of the pier is a small cafe.  Beyond that is a breakwater, where penguins can be seen at dusk and dawn.


The St. Kilda beachfront promenade is always populated with runners, skaters, bikers, and pedestrians.

Succulents bloom along the promenade all year round, which just goes to show that even not-so-nice days here still aren’t that bad.

St. Kilda is also home to Luna Park, an amusement park built in 1912.  The oldest continuously operating roller coaster, The Great Scenic Railway, lives here.

Also, the facade is obviously striking and a well-known local landmark.



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