Bikkies for Brekkie

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Another day, another quintessential Australian brekkie food.


Any food from the brand Sanitarium seems a little worrying, but fear not.  Weet-Bix, the brand’s main sell, is marketed as a health food (as illustrated by the 5-star health rating on the box).  High is fibre and low in sugar, the cereal biscuits are a favorite in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK.


The size is a bit strange to me.  It’s weird to put 2 pieces of cereal in a bowl for a meal.

The dry texture is a bit like corrugated cardboard, but the taste is like any wheat-based cereal.  However, it would be hard to choke down an entire bikkie dry.


I fixed mine spread with peanut butter and topped with bananas to add some creamy texture to cut the dryness.  They were a much more enjoyable eating experience with these additions, but what wouldn’t be?

Overall, I see Weet-Bix as a good base (more like toast) rather than a cereal for brekkie.


2 thoughts on “Bikkies for Brekkie

  1. Elle: I’m glad you finally got to have bikkis for brekki. To be honest , I wasn’t really sure what they were. It was just a phrase that Van used to say. I noticed that Aussis seem to add “i” after many words. For example, I hear you are going to Tasi (Tasmania) shortly. You also went to a barbi (barbeque). What is with that?

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