South Melbourne Market

The Culture, The Sights

Just a short bus ride away from our apartment is the South Melbourne Market.  Set up in a similar style to Queen Vic Market, it is open air on the sides with a closed roof.


This market seems like more of an actual shopping location, where you might go to stock up for the week, rather than the tourist destination of Queen Vic.

It still has everything under the sun, though: clothes, leather goods, tchotchkes, and a huge grocery section including, but not limited to, greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers, bakeries, and Asian markets.

South Melbourne is a cool neighborhood with lots of street art, some of it within the market–pretty neat.


At a gourmet pet store, kangaroo femurs (and pelvises and ribs) were available to buy for your dog.  You wouldn’t see that anywhere else!


There were also street food vendors; one of which had huge aromatic pots of paella simmering on the sidewalk.  Apparently, it’s award winning paella (Best Outside of Spain).


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