Meals in Melbourne

The Cuisine

Melbourne is known for its cafe (and coffee) culture.  We been to various eateries around the city,  and they have all been amazing.

Here are some snapshots of delicious Australian food.

Cafe LafayetteAvocado Smash

Avo smash is a huge deal here.  It’s served at every cafe we’ve been to.

Also, the egg yolks are super orange here.  I assumed that it was America who added something to the yolks to make it yellow, but it’s actually Australia who dyes their yolks orange through dye in the chickens’ feed.


400 GradiCalamari Frittiimg_3621

Prosciutto Crudo de Parma


Romana Pizza


Old SaltFish and Chips

All of our local fish and chip shops have calamari, potato cakes, and dim sum that come with the classic English fare–it’s kinda strange.


Little Rose CafeSmoked Ham and Swiss Cheese Jaffle and Gems w/ Tomato Sauce


Boon Wurrung CafeBeef and Mushroom Homemade Meat Pie


Rock, Paper, ScissorsPancakes

Apparently one of the dishes you have to eat in Melbourne.  Features grilled banana, strawberries, kiwi, and honeycomb, all on fluffy buttermilk pancakes.


Bacon and Eggs


Corn Fritter Stack


Chili Eggs


The Petty OfficerLatte

Coffee, coffee, coffee. It keeps this city running.  All the lattes here are served in short glasses–the better to see you with, my dear.


Prickly PearChicken Parmesan Burger

Australians, and Melburnians, love their chicken parm.  In this suburb’s cafe, it was on a brioche bun with prosciutto, marinara sauce, melted cheese, and ranch dressing, served with sweet potato wedges.



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