Royal Botanic Gardens-Cranbourne

The Sights

Continuing the pattern of flora and fauna expeditions, we visited the sister to the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne in Cranbourne.  About an hour’s drive away from the city, the gardens are known for the juxtaposition of its large sculpted Australia Garden and the kilometers of wild bush hiking trails.

The Australia Garden’s main focal point is the Red Centre Garden.  This section represents the Outback of Australia and the plants that originate there.


Another section within the Australia Garden was the Gondwana Garden, which showcases  plants with prehistoric roots (literally), when Australia was part of the ancient supercontinent.

The tree below, a Wollemi Pine, has existed for over 200 million years, but is now critically endangered.  It is also categorized as a living fossil–how cool?


#Swooptember is still in full force, as the garden helpfully reminded us.


Water was also a main feature in the Australia Garden with a few different rivers and lakes spotted throughout, including a riverbed to wade in (though it was far to cold to do so, a few souls braved the cold temperatures).  The lake below features huge metal lily pads that form a bridge crossing from one section to the next.

A peak set in the middle of the Australia Garden had dramatic views over the gardens.  In particular, the view over the Red Centre with a deep blue sky is quintessentially Australian.


A short hike from the beautiful Australia Garden was the Trig Track trail leading up the Trig Point Lookout tower.  While the trail was short, it was also steep, but the panorama was worth it.

Stunning 360 degree views of the surrounding bush were the main attraction of the tower.


To top off an already great day, I had a well-deserved scone with homemade berry jam and clotted cream.  Perfection!



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