You Yangs (feat. Big Rock)

The Sights

Australian sheep were grazing in droves roadside as we drove to the You Yangs, a regional park in Victoria.  Made up of granite peaks in the midst of flat volcanic plains, the You Yangs are renowned for their mountain biking and hiking trails.  The name has Aboriginal origins relating to the hill and its location.


The park was a good representation of Australian woods, or the bush.  Already situated within mountains, basically anywhere in the You Yangs has a pretty good view over the surrounding countryside and the closest city of Geelong.


Huge granite rocks are situated all over the park.  This specific one had tunnels in the midst of it, fun for even grown-up kids like me to run through.  Lots of families were situated around the park utilizing the public barbies, while the kids had heaps of fun climbing on, and through, rocks.

Water collects, and plants can grow, in divets carved out by the Yawangi people.  They used these rocks to hold water even during the driest of seasons.

Big Rock (also seen directly above) is, no surprise, the largest rock in the park, and the one that affords the most spectacular views.



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