Royal Botanic Gardens-Melbourne (and the Shrine of Remembrance)

The Sights

The Shrine of Remembrance is situated on top of a hill to the south of the CBD.  Built in memories of the soldiers of Victoria who fell in World War I, the shrine houses books with the names of the soldiers and a large collection of flags used in various Victorian battalions  during the war.  From the top of the Shrine, there are gorgeous views of the city and surrounding suburbs (including Albert Park and the lake).

Just near the bottom of the Shrine of Remembrance hill are the stunning Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne.

One of the attractions of the Gardens is the punting tour across Ornamental Lake.  Given the classic striped vest of the punter and the parasol provided to the passengers, the scene is picture perfect.img_3962

The lake is also known for its eel population, which gathers at the feet whenever someone approaches the edge of the boardwalk.

Lots of people were taking advantage of the sunshine (which has been hard to come by recently) and were relaxing in one of the many lawns set throughout the gardens.

Ever wondered why Australia’s national colors are green and gold (i.e. in the Olympics)?  Well here is your answer.  Golden wattle.  This official floral emblem of Australia features small golden pom-pom like flowers that bloom in late winter/early spring on a background of deep green leaves.  Happy spring!


2 thoughts on “Royal Botanic Gardens-Melbourne (and the Shrine of Remembrance)

  1. How beautiful and peaceful! The Birds of Paradise are wonderful. That looks like clivia, top row orange. And the golden wattle tree is dramatic, though to my American ear, sounds like a rather inelegant name. Kevin would not like eels gathering around his feet, but it is an amazing sight. So many wonderful experiences!

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