Trying Vegemite

The Cuisine

Well, I did it.  I tried (the dreaded) Vegemite.


Vegemite is a paste made from brewers’ yeast extract, mixed with other flavors, of course. It was first invented in 1922 in Melbourne, VIC.  Some of the old, jingle-y commercials for Vegemite are pretty entertaining.  If you so choose, here’s “Happy Little Vegemite”— the original.

I ate my Vegemite the way you’re supposed to: on toasted bread with lots of butter and then a thin layer of Vegemite to top it all off.  To suggest how thin for one piece of bread, the serving size is 5 g.


And the verdict?? Not that bad.  It’s very savory; it tastes sort of like soy sauce, Better Than Bullion, and malt vinegar.  It is strong in umami flavor, the fifth taste, and very, very salty.  I personally love salt and soy sauce, so the flavor isn’t that unlike other flavors I like.  There is something, maybe an aftertaste, that is something I’m not as familiar with, but in small amounts, I could get accustomed to it.


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