World’s Best Pizza?

The Cuisine

Amazingly, Melbourne has the second largest Italian population after Rome.  Its Little Italy sector is very popular and has tons of great restaurants.  One in particular, 400 Gradi, has the (supposed) best margherita pizza in the world, a title won at the World Pizza Championships in Parma, Italy in 2014.


Here are the trophies on the hostess stand to prove it.


World’s best??

This pizza continues my journey of eating margarita pizzas around the world.  Out of the 5 countries where I have tried a margherita so far, Scotland is currently my number one (Ristorante Isola in Edinburgh).

And… the consensus after trying the “World’s Best” in Melbourne… it’s not the world’s best to me.  Scotland is still taking the cake, or should I say the pie.  While the crust was indeed fantastic, the sauce was not great and the amount of basil was severely lacking (see above).  400 Gradi has, to me, the second best margherita pizza in the world.


One thought on “World’s Best Pizza?

  1. Hi Ellie,
    Uncle Will and I are enjoying following your Australian adventure. I especially enjoyed your “cuisine” pictures and notes.
    I think searching for and finding the best French Toast and the best Eggs Benedict in Australia is a worthy pursuit! Happy Trails! xo

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